Our Amazin’ Staff

Keith & Scott Wolfe

Mama Lois

Ty Blackstone

Line chef and resident artist

Tajel Brown

Sonia Brown

Shift Leader

Ruben Harry

Support Leader

Piara Pleasant

Shift Leader

Milton Smith

Shift Leader

Marty Tauzier

Mark Dunn

Maintenance Manager

Lynn Watkins

Lulu Brumfield

Keisha Glover

Janelle Ingorjolia

Sales lady and food supplier

Emile Cola

All-around man

Edwin Merritt

Shift Leader

Claudia Lopez

Associate Chef

Catherine Gilbert

Lead Associate

We’re Hiring!

Are you interested in joining the Melba’s team? Stop by and fill out an application, or call us at (504) 267-7765 to learn about available positions.